Programming Schedule Management

InfoAudio includes the tools you need to focus your programming and manage timings down to the split second. Schedules can be built by hand or imported from third-party music and traffic schedulers.

Audio Catalog Management

InfoAudio allows you to manage even the largest audio libraries efficiently. Audio can be organized by any criteria for quick and easy access in the studio.

Personalized RightTime

Time checks can be scheduled during automated dayparts. Depending on when the RightTime event airs, the system will select the RightTime announcement corresponding to the correct air time. Pre-recorded announcement libraries can be scheduled so the right announcer’s voice plays in the right daypart.

Audio Console Integration

With flexible console logic interface capability, InfoAudio makes it easy for your on-air talent to focus on connecting with your listeners rather than worrying about your automation system.


InfoAudio supports multiple InstantPlay palettes, offering immediate access to sound effects, jingles, sweepers, or other workparts. Each InstantPlay event can be customized with colors and icons, resulting in an intuitive on-air experience.

Live Copy Support

InfoAudio can display text in a dedicated window, making it easy to access scripts ranging from liners scheduled by programming, to live reads scheduled by traffic, to full newscasts written by your news team.