Programming Schedule Management

InfoAudio includes the tools you need to focus your programming and manage timings down to the split second. Schedules can be built by hand or imported from third-party music and traffic schedulers.

Audio Catalog Management

InfoAudio allows you to manage even the largest audio libraries efficiently. Audio can be organized by any criteria for quick and easy access in the studio.

Become Your Own Network

InfoNet functionality allows you to designate a single system as a network head end during specified dayparts, generating content for rebroadcast and the signals necessary to inject local content at each affiliate location.

Customizable Interface

The InfoAudio interface can be adapted to station needs or individual preferences, with all customizations saved to individual user profiles.

Components can be added, resized, and positioned on the screen. Users can also apply colors and themes to the user interface.

Play Anywhere

Play any audio file through any Player. You can even “stamp” audio on the currently-playing event for real-time mixed overlays.

Auxiliary Studios

While InfoAudio Premium is playing in the main studio, you can prepare or modify upcoming events in an auxiliary studio with all changes immediately replicated in the main studio.


InfoAudio supports multiple Players, each bound to a different, independently controlled playback channel.