InfoAudio provides a stable and secure platform that easily integrates with third-party systems.

Metadata Ownership

When integrating with MusicMaster, InfoAudio offers more control over critical metadata than any other system, allowing you to define which system “owns” each metadata attribute.

Reliability by Design

Our adherence to the MVVM design pattern allows us to maintain a stable product that easily integrates with your legacy or third-party systems. This pattern provides a way to decouple existing components, work on them independently, and test them without impacting the operation of the rest of the software.

Seamless Efficiency

InfoAudio’s integration with MusicMaster allows you to automatically import daily playlists from the music scheduler, and to synchronize metadata between the two applications.

Configuring the InfoAudio Connection

The connection between InfoAudio and MusicMaster is established using a standalone application available from InfoAudio support. This application handles both aspects of the integration: the automatic bi-directional schedule processing, and the metadata synchronization.

Setting up Nexus Server

InfoAudio establishes its connection with MusicMaster using MusicMaster’s Nexus Server. The connection details are defined in a text file called MMSERVER.INI that must exist in the same Windows folder as the MMSERVER executable.