Programming Schedule Management

InfoAudio includes the tools you need to focus your programming and manage timings down to the split second. Schedules can be built by hand or imported from third-party music and traffic schedulers.

Audio Catalog Management

InfoAudio allows you to manage even the largest audio libraries efficiently. Audio can be organized by any criteria for quick and easy access in the studio.

Main Player

Main Player for reproduce programming.

Powerful Simplicity

Touch-capable and intuitive, InfoAudio is flexible enough to efficiently adapt to how your operators work throughout the day. With modes supporting manual operation, fully unattended operation, or anything in between, InfoAudio is the system that just works the way you need it to!

Protecting Your System

InfoAudio includes the tools necessary to automatically create backups of your audio and critical system settings. Using our Content Synchronizer, InfoAudio can even maintain a standby machine that can quickly go on the air in case the primary system fails.